The first 15 slots of the night are 10 mins each or two songs (up to a maximum time of 10 mins).

After that, the slots go down to 5 mins (one song).

This includes your "setting up time" onstage (so make sure you have your instrument ready to go before it is your slot - and make sure you are tuned up if you need to be!).

We want all performers to play as much as possible, so if there aren't many performers on the list for a given night, then we may well go round again for a "second half" (which will be the same running order as the first half). On ocassions, this can mean that a performer gets to play 4-6 songs over the night.

However, if there are lots of performers to get through then there won't be a second half (and we may have to be quite firm with those who go over their timeslots - i.e. no 15 min guitar solos please!)

No matter how busy it is, the first 15 slots will always have 10 mins, so it is always advisable to reserve your slot in advance, via our website;